Technical Assistance

A range of skills at your disposal

Our organisation:

Our procedures, certified ISO9001, EN9100-AS9100C are the guarantors of the quality of our services. Particular attention is given to the monitoring of our employees and to the success of their missions. As part of the project management, regular monitoring points are made, from the beginning, with our customers and our employees.


Our skills :



  • Technical studies.
    • Electrical / Electronics
    • Mechanical / Maintenance
    • Procedures
    • Automation
    • Projects
    • Civil engineering / Road & utilities / Building
  • Engineering.
    • Methods
    • Advice, technical coordination
    • Project management
    •  Industrialisation projects
    • Maintenance: audit, reliability
    • Quality
    •  Management information system
    • Design and implementation of applications

At your disposal

Computer network cable


IT resources and tools made especially available indispensable to your projects and companies.

  • Software
    • Catia
    • Pro-Engineer
    • Autocad
    • Solidworks
    • Ms Project
    • Sysplan
    • etc…
  • Computer workstations
    • Fixed PCs
    • Laptops

Softwares : valid licenses and updates of the latest versions.

Service : implementation of some of your services within our agencies.

Details of our skills.

Specializing in the field of industry, our technicians and professional engineers in your industry are at your service with their extensive experience in the steering and implementation of your projects in the following trades:

Information systems architecture / Telecommunications / Multimedia

  •  Systems architecture
  • Application development, Test (acceptance testing)
  • Implementation and support
  • Design and Implementing of Services
  •  Database mangement (DBMS)
  • Functional  Areas

    • Purshasing and Logistics
    • Marketing / Sales
    • Human Resources
    • Financial Management
    • Quality / Environment
  • Mechanical / Scientific Calculation

    • R&D, Technical and scientific expertise
    • Design office: Design, Calculation, Simulation
    • Industrialisation, Methods, Production and Logistics
    • Test, Instrumentation, Quality
    • Management and Project management
  • Real-Time Embedded Systems / Electronics

    • Embedded systems
    • Real-time software development and simulation
    • Electronic design
    • PCB layout
  • Communication systems
    • Telecommunications and Networks
    • Technical expertise  (VoIP, WiFi, Wi Max)